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My 3 favorite nature walks around Sydney

While I like the big city life, it’s nice to escape sometimes!

Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk

The walk is one of the “must-dos” in Sydney and it has earned its place in every list.

We started the day at the Swell Bondi cafe with a great breakfast, grabbed some bottles of water and started our walk. Some people begin with the Coogee beach due to Bondi’s bigger variety of cafes and restaurants but I found it nice to start right with those surfing vibes which you definitely get at Bondi.

The walk itself is around six kilometers long and took us about 2,5 hours. I really liked the different areas along the route: Stony cliffs, sandy beaches, many surfers in the water, cute little bays and more. You can set your own pace and either take a break on top of the cliffs (😍) or have a swim at the beach. Fortunately the sun had accompanied us the whole time. If you think of going, check the weather forecast. The track is paved most of the times but might be slippery when wet and I don’t think the views will be that nice on a rainy day.

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Chinese Garden of Friendship

I read about the Chinese Garden of Friendship and made my first attempt to visit on Sunday after Chinese New Year. Bad idea! The line was packed and I choose a different path for that day. But I came back on a weekday and was happy not to miss this opportunity.

The garden is modeled on a typical private garden of the Ming Dynasty and has different areas for resting, meditation or communication. Located right in the center of Darling Harbour I can’t get over the fact that it is really quite! If I was a Sydney resident I would get an annual pass and spend time relaxing or even reading books here regularly. From waterfalls over lizards to many exotic plants you will find everything in this green oasis.

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Hornby Lighthouse

My favorite spot is a bit outside the city (45 min bus drive from kings cross): The South Head Park with the Hornby Lighthouse.

We had to make our way through the park and already got stunning views of the open sea standing right off the cliffs. Sadly some areas are closed territory due to military use. But the park itself is nice with it’s little bit of jungle feeling in the center and palm views at the edge (into the city direction). You can see the city in the distance but have a spot to escape the busyness of the streets. South Head park also has some good looking beaches where I think many locals went to chill (or nude bath ;)). I think it is not very known to visitors as we haven’t met so many tourists.

Sure, the lighthouse itself might not be that big of a deal. But the spot was special to me because you can have Sydney’s city on your left and the open water on your right. Sitting at a rock and having this it really makes a good spot to think. The lighthouse makes a place for some good photos of course.

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