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In March 2018 I…

  • switched places from Cape Town (South Africa) to Windhoek (Namibia).
  • had promising calls with new clients.
  • finished the “MVP” for my standup bot which is now in public beta!
  • had a 6h remote call (which is a stupid thing to do).
  • we pushed out a major update for the dataroom Workflowmanager together #teamwork.
  • did a few remote code reviews (more of those please).
  • started a website performance monitoring project (more of those please, too).
  • made plans for future travels (next are Kenya and Morocco).
  • met black kids who made fun of me because I am white 😂
  • for the first time was angry/troubled because I “wasn’t there” for someone (meaning physically there) but still managed to help to my best abilities.
  • found out, that finding bad coffee in Africa is simply impossible (at least I did not found one yet).

Jonas is a freelance product manager and web developer. He translates between developers and humans. Born in Germany he now travels the world and works remotely.

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