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In July 2018 I…

  • wanted to travel from Podgorica, Montenegro to Sofia, Bulgaria
  • only got to Budapest, Hungary, due to a cancelled flight. I stayed there for a few days. There are worth places to strand, Budapest is always worth a visit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • travelled from Budapest, Hungary to Sofia, Bulgaria (finally)
  • Sofia is a nice city with quite a compact centre where everything is close by and in walking distance.
  • had multiple calls / remote workshops which potential new clients for the dataroom Workflowmanager. It is always good to see, that people can be excited about the stuff you built! Also: more rollouts with existing clients are happening. 💪🏽
  • met a friend who was staying in Sofia as well :) Was nice to have good conversations over dinner together every now and then.
  • can recommend doing a Free Sofia Tour, very informative and nice to get around the city.
  • travelled from Sofia, Bulgaria to Bucharest, Romania via Flixbus. The 7h ride wasn’t as bad as I expected it. As the tickets where only 10€, I bought 2 seats to have more space 😬
  • Bucharest really surprised me positively. The city has it’s very own charm of old and new (e.g. buildings from communism right next to modern office buildings). Together with great wifi speeds in good coffee shops, it made it easy for me to have a good time. 🇷🇴
  • finally started a new client project which was long in the pipeline: UI Facelift of a B2B web application. Much “historical legacy code” to deal with ;)
  • integrated Stripe Payment into stehauf. The Stripe service is amazingly easy to deal both from a business and technical point of view. Their documentation is very good and makes it easy to use.
  • would (also) recommend doing a “Food Tour” with Urban Adventures (link has a $10 discount for you!). I had an amazing day walking around Bucharest, getting to know the history of the city and also trying out the local cuisine. We were only three people (the guide, another guy from Belgium and me) and it did not feel like a tour but more like three guys exploring the city. We ended at the local market, got some fresh produce (tomato, spring onion, cheese, bread and mici) and enjoyed it with a beer having an intense political conversation. Good times!
  • travelled from Bucharest, Romana to Warsaw, Poland
  • am still trying my best to stay in touch with family and friends back “home”. It is definitely some kind of “work”, but I think I am managing it as good as it gets so far. I am quite happy that this whole thing of working remotely still works out :).

Jonas is a freelance product manager and web developer. He translates between developers and humans. Born in Germany he now travels the world and works remotely.

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