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In May 2018 I…

  • traveled from Nairobi, Kenya to Casablanca, Morroco

map of my travels in Morroco

  • traveled 2.500km around Morroco (Casablanca > Marrakesch > Essaouira > Marrakesch > Quarzatate > Merzouga > Errachidia > Mekenes > Fes > Chefchaouen > Fes > Nador)
    • stayed one night in the sahara desert, and it did rain for a few hours
    • stranded in a random city and had to stay a night to get the bus the next day (with public transport in Morroco you need to bring time)
    • had a lot of moroccan whiskey (mint tea)
    • worked the whole month via LTE because bad WiFi
  • wrote a concept for an REST API for a new project
  • had clients gone wildly crazy because of the new data protection rules in the EU (GDPR)
  • optimised my website and the app frontend to deliver the best performance possible #perfmatters
  • removed all external dependencies of my website and switched from Bootstrap and jQuery to css grids and vannilla JS.
  • refactored the CI building process of to enable faster deployments
  • updated more projects to fix security issues via npm audit (still love that feature)
  • created a logo for myself, let me know what do you think via twitter!


  • delivered a bigger update for the Workflowmanager. We now have @-mentions like the cool web apps today do ;) We try to deliver new features every month or so (in addition to minor fixes, security updates, etc.), which is only possible with a great team and fast deployments, automated testing and more. Drop me an email if you are interested to speed up your development process.

Jonas is a freelance product manager and web developer. He translates between developers and humans. Born in Germany he now travels the world and works remotely.

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